Carolyn Misterek

Carolyn Misterek is a fine artist based in Maryland. She grew up in Wisconsin before moving to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota where she received a studio art degree in 2007. Promptly after graduation, Carolyn stopped painting. Instead, she spent the following years building a career as UX designer; completing her MA in art history; and running her own creative businesses. But in 2019, the same intuition that Carolyn follows in her art now, guided her back to painting. She closed her handbag label MATINE to return to a studio practice full time. Since then Carolyn’s work has been featured in numerous shows and sold to collectors all over the world. She and her husband live in Maryland along with two daughters and one very, very neurotic dog.


Other People’s Flowers is a group of paintings completed in the late summer and early fall of 2022. In my practice, it’s best if I don’t think too hard about my work in advance. Instead I wait for inspiration to arrive and I follow its direction. This summer was a period of major transition in my life, and as a critical part of my own personal well-being, as well as my art practice, I went where the inspiration is usually loudest and clearest: near the flowers. The process of creating these paintings was intuitive and sometimes automatic, but it also generated personal meditations on themes of stewardship, compassion, and the state of presence required for contentment. View show.

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